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Our products and services are geared towards Financial Literacy, Personal Advancement and Wealth Building.

Are You Ready to Build Wealth and Advance Personally?

Welcome to the threshold of financial freedom. Whether you’re taking your first steps into home ownership, dipping your toes into real estate investment, or simply looking to master the basics of budgeting — our coaching services are tailored to forge your path towards financial literacy and wealth building.

Your financial future starts here. With custom-tailored guidance in financial literacy and personal advancement, our programs are designed to help you:

  • Navigate the exciting world of first-time home ownership
  • Make savvy decisions as a new real estate investor
  • Craft and execute effective budgeting plans

What We Offer

One-To-One Coaching Sessions

Enhance your financial skills with personalized coaching sessions. Perfect for those seeking to boost their money management strategies.


Explore practical financial principles and strategies in our workshop designed for improving your financial acumen. Engage with experts and elevate your financial knowledge.


Enhance your financial skills with our webinars designed to elevate your principles and strategies. Perfect for finance enthusiasts seeking practical insights. Join us for expert insights.

Here's Why People Choose Us

Our specialized coaching approach is built on empowering you with the knowledge and tools to:

Surround yourself with people who spark growth in you.

Are You Ready to Build Wealth and Advance Personally?

I always tell my clients thank you for showing up for you. I say this because it takes real work and discipline to achieve your goals. Consistently showing up is the first step. I am a financial advancement coach and Real Estate investor. I started this journey coaching through my career in social services and my passion for building generational wealth. I launched my Real Estate investment company in 2019 after gaining an understanding of how my family missed out on the opportunity to generate passive income.  I took a deep dive into researching and learning more about investing in Real Estate, building my business and leveraging my income and personal credit to gain assets. I began coaching and mentoring through my full-time career as a financial coach. I knew it was time to marry my two passions and educate others looking to build wealth for the future and enjoy passive income.  A ten year career of serving others and my passion for real estate created Future Preserved Coaching.

Charnae Thompson

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I am now owner of a duplex and a few other properties. I owe it all to the support and help of those around me. Charnae helped me come up with a solid game plan and educated me on real estate investing. Thanks for all of your help!

James G.

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